Wahing Machine not repaired

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: IFB

My complaint number with IFB is 7015891…its already 13 days since I filed a complaint with ur 24hr helplime ..and till date I’m suffering. Mr. Wasim(9867237695) – head of elite Services to whom IFB has given the contract for services has just been sending inefficient technicians without any Identity card to my home…the first visit by the technician was on 25 Aug. when he said that he’ll replace the belt in a days time. No response from the company thereafter. I’ve been repeatedly calling up and sending reminders …The telephone helpline gave me the number of Mr. Wasim who assured me that he’ll get it done in 2 days and he has recd the parts. His tecnicians come on 1st Sep. and said that the drum is not moving…someother person will come tomorrow…no one turns up on the next day too…again on calling him, he sends someone who do not have the right parts…We asked Mr. Wasim on 4th Sep. to get it fixed or send a standby machine to which he agreed and again today he has a new story that it couldn’t be done and the parts will take another week…he and his team has been lying to us abt the status and have been sending ineffecient tecnicians to understand and solve the problem…they said that they have ordered the needed parts today and have asked for another 4-5 days..I need to know who is the senior I can talk to in this regard as talking to Mr. wasim has been a waste of time and effort…No positive result for us…only harassment…Kindly look into the matter.

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