voltas dispensor

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: voltas

i purchased dispensor on 23/03/2012 since day of purchase it was not working properly i complaint on 30/05/2012 technician first visited on 2/06/2012 told me that compressor not working and top is defective on repeated reminder company taken my dispensor to service centre on 12/06/2012 and returned back me on 19/06/2012 but still it is not working they have replaced compressor and gas changed as per technician . on transportation which is on bike they have cause little damage on freeze portion down which is glued by them i am really very unhappy i want this dispensor to be replaced as today when technician visited they told that compressor is not working we want to open it up. i want dispensor to be replaced since it was opened thrice by company and still they were not able to repair neither they cannot correct scratch which is on freeze i will face long trouble if i keep same piece my complaint no is 12my 3010367 dated 30/05/2012

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