Vodafone Number

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Vodafone India Ltd.

Hello Sir,

I was unding a vodafone number for last 7 years. Regularly paying the bills and continuing the phone services without interruption.

I was also paying for non usage of the phone since this is one of my oldest number and popolar woth all my friends, colleagues and business associates.

I had a credit limit of 40 thousand.

I was sent to US form 1 months on a project but due to work load my stay extended for 3 month. In the process I was unable to pay the bill. Hence they disconnected my number without information. They have not even contacted me once before disconnecitng my number.

I require your help to recover my number from vodafone.

Best Regards,
Apurva Pandya
+91 96199 20044

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