Vodafone not taking responsibility for misuse of their network or may be a party to it.

Location/place: Assam

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I am a Vodafone (post paid) customer at Assam.

I got a call from 56322553024 some days back. I could not take up the call as I was traveling at that time. I called back after some time. A lady answered the call and in fluent HINDI. She told that I need to resubmit my Identity proof and address proof etc, else my number will be deactivated. Then she told that she is forwarding my call to her senior. After sometime the call was disconnected. Total call duration was little less than 2 minutes.

After the bill was generated, this was treated as International call @Rs100/=per minute and Rs200 was charged. I spoke to Vodafone care twice. I was told that this is a racket and Vodafone can’t do anything about it. I was also told that since I called back to this number, hence I will have to pay the bill.
In this regard I have certain questions to ask the Vodafone team:-
a) If they know that this kind of racket is on, then what action they have taken as service provider to safeguard their customer? What action they have taken to aware their customer that these kind of calls should not be answered by the customers? I was also told that Vodafone is not responsible for any calls incoming/outgoing from its network.
b) What is the guarantee that this is not actually an international call and it is all cooked up by the company itself? Please remember that the lady who answered the call was speaking very nice HINDI and chances are high that the called number was routed as international call, but was a local call actually.
c) Can a service provider just forgo its responsibility towards customer awareness so easily like this?
Prem Kumar

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