Vodafone Locked Blackberry handset

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: Vodafone

“Such a shame for the so called 2nd largest network provider and one of the most trusted brand of India,
I purchased Vodafone locked Blackberry on 20/07/2010.
1st replacement on 23/11/2010
2nd replacement on 07/03/2011
3rd replacement on 14/01/2012
4th replacement – handset lies with Vodafone store
All these replacements were done by citing some manufacturing defect and finally after being frustrated when I asked for replacement with different model, they just tried to shed their responsibility by saying that they are just intermediates. If they cannot take the responsibility then why do they sell products. I feel like I have been cheated.
I just hope the credit rating and other rating agencies consider the customers review so that others are not cheated as I was.

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