Vodafone is cheating on subscriber and forcing them to pay excessive amount

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It’s been couple of months I have been using my vodafone post connection with roaming package. It was all working untill end of June 2018. I was subscribed to unlimited iroam package which had provided me unlimited incoming and outgoing calls along with unlimited data access in roaming against INR:5000/- for 28 days. In the end of June 2018 couple of days before my iroam package expiration date. I started receiving sms alters on usage and data consumption every single minute which was very annoying, so I called the vodafone customer service and complaint to them about it they told me it’s due to technical error from vodafone side and suggested me to avoid it they also told me that I am getting charged due to the same technical error and that will be waved off at the time of bill generation. On the same call I asked the vodafone CSE about the iroam package expiration date and requested for auto renewal which was confirmed by the CSE. Post that I received two calls asking for status on my complaint which was never resolved. On July 2018 first week my card stopped working in the morning when I wokeup and saw a message form vodafone that I have exceeded the credit limit of 20000/- and my oustanding was 33000/- approximately. I was very surprise as the bill was 11000/- as per message before I went to sleep and over night while was as sleep it had crossed the set limit of and reached the 33000/- aprox figure. I called the vodafone from my other number and requested my brother in India to visit Vodafone gallery with all the calls recordings(yes luckily I had recorded all conversation with vodafone customer care) with Vodafone CSEs and messages that I have been receiving. So took another complaint which was third complaint in a row and promised to provide resolution in 2 working days. Now after four days have passed excluding weekend my services are interrupted and When I called the vodafone customer care I was informed that I need to pay 27000/- approx to resume the services. I had wrote and email to Nodal officer of vodafone and to the customer care with all the evidences yet I did not receive any response from them. Before this I had utilized the services always paid before time. This time also I have paid in advance for the amount that I will be using still my services are interrupted and vodafone people are not responding at all. THE MOST DISGUSTING SERVICE I HAVE EVER EXPECTED FROM VODAFONE. IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT THE CUSTOMER WHO PAYS ON TIME.

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