Vodafone has provided false details on their web site and when contacted they refused to take the ownership of the content on their web site.

Location/place: Pune, Maharashtra

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I recharged my phone with Vodafone’s Bonus Card 625 the benefits of which as mentioned on their web site are (of which i also have a screen shot available):

1) Get more than full talk time (of Rs. 675)
2) No service charge deduction
3) No Access Fee

But after recharging with this card i got only Rs. 553.26 credited to my account (Vodafone No: 8698956740, Trans ID: MH0023408466) after deduction of

1)Rs. 68.75 towards Service Tax
2)Rs. 3.0 towards Access Fee

After contacting their customer care they completely disowned their web site’s content saying that No Full talk time card is available for Rs. 625 and only Rs. 553 will be credited.

The Floor manager of the customer care also declined to take the ownership of the content of the web site and bluntly refused to do anything to rectify it.

I believe this is a fraud from the company with their customers as website’s is a representation of the company and company is liable to stand by its content in entirety.

Therefore i request the court to take necessary actions against Vodafone so as to prevent such incidents in future against its customers.


Ankit Maggu

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  1. 8 years ago

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