Vodafone Cheating Company

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I literally need to use this words for Vodafone…..”Bullshit”
firstly my Credit Limit is 7000/- only… Even After having this Much credit Limit they are giving us Itemized Bill of Around 17000/-, making us “Fool”. I am very particular about My Money & plans When the Bill amount has exceeded by 5000/- I had gone to Dombivali Vodafone Galary & had a word with Manager Over there. He bloody said that all this will get deducted. currently your bill amount is around 1200/-. i was not sure about it. so Again I took Confirmation From Customer Care. Still today they are saying My Bill Amount is 17000/-.
Today I am getting Calls By saying that If you Don’t have Money Why You Are Using this much. That Rascal Bloody lady Ms.Sangeeta Who is she To Say About OUR Usage… & giving us Bad words by making me afraid by saying that we’will send Legal Notice… I have already asked them to do whatever they want to do.I am not going to stop them… Even I know How To Fight Still They Are calling my Relatives & Giving Us “Dhamki”

According to Me Vodafone IS Not A good Will No More Be Away of Postpaid s… IT VODAFONE CHEATING COMPANY… Earning From our Khun Paseena Ka Kamai…..

& Their Employees from Customer care Department keep the calls without saying us anything… which is too much What they are saying That Customer care all is Bullshit….

Bullshit Bullshit Bullshit Vodafone is Bullshit….

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