vodafone bill issue

Location/place: Bangaluru

Name of company/service: Vodafone

1. hello,
I have been using Vodafone postpaid mobile service for about 4 months. Initially they were serving too good as per my satisfaction. But since may 2012 I have facing problems regarding my mobile bill. Sometimes they charged me for unnecessary services. etc for which i never gave any application. But still these extra charging were tolerable by me. My average monthly usage of mobile service is 300-400 rs for both nos. This month i got the bill amounting 4000+ rs for both nos. This bill cant be justifying my usage in any case. I use to seek details with my bill. In the details of the described bill there was no issue with the usage as it says 8884000469=400+ and 8884000467=129+ rs. of usage. But the recurring charges says 3000+ rs. approx. the detail says they charged me gprs like 15 munities they charged 860+ rs ,. Due to this bill issue I visited the Vodafone exchange office but didn’t got any significant response from the officials. So i submitted just rs 1500 for out going release and gave an application for rectifying the current bill. I just want Vodafone to rectify all their billing errors and issue me the proper bill. I may stop using Vodafone or may be port my number to some other operator if they cant solve my billing problems. But one thing is sure i will not pay(Internet usage ) this annoying bill at all.


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