Vodafone barred my incoming and outgoing calss

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I requested for number portability on 29th may 2012 n i submitted all the required docs at that time only..on 6th of june i got msg from vodafone that my request is done n i got vodafone nw…now on 9th june i got msg that i have to submit docs otherwise my outgoing will be barred…i called customer care they said we didt recieve ur docs plz go to that store where u submitted ur docs and request them to forward ur 1st question is ” is it my responsiblity to remind vodafone people that plz forward my docs?”

still i did that..those people said it will done till next day..means till 11th june…but its not done so i went again on 14th june then that person said ur docs may be rejected i cant tell u the exact reason bcoz we dont have access to server u plz do 1 thing bring me 1 new set of docs n i will do that….so in the eve i went again with set of docs then he said no now its not required i talked to verfication deptt person n ur outgoing will start today or next morg ie 15th june but still my OG is barred n now my incoming is also barred and customer care people are saying they havenot received my docs….and the vodafone store person is saying he has submitted n it will start…but till now my services r barred…

Can u plz tell me wht to do now…i visited vodafone store 5 times but my prb is not solved yet…

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  1. 9 years ago

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