Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: HDFC BANK

Hi, My name is Tanaya Patra I am a customer of HDFC Bank, I am also a credit card holder of HDFC..
I am completely disheartened with the most unfair way HDFC deals with the customers.
I am logging a complain regarding the harassment that I have been experiencing for quite a long time now. I did few transactions with my credit card and I have always been a good payer, I used to clear the dues on time. This complain regards an unknown transaction happened on 24th october 2011 when I purchased an Air ticket for Kolkata. On the same date I called your customer service to know about the transaction and the agent confirmed me one transaction and no other. After a week I called HDFC to arrange an Installment plan for that amount Rs7,470. There I came to know that HDFC wants me to pay for another transaction which was completely unknown to me. The adviser told that I booked a Culture holiday package. Immediately I asked the adviser to stop any further transaction from my card and I raised a dispute for that unknown transaction of Rs7,270. I asked for interim credit and the adviser told that he will raise an investigation. he asked me to send a dispute form and I did that immediately. I do not know what investigation you did as after some time you started putting charges. Then I raised a progressive dispute form but still no positive resolution came out. Meanwhile I kept on paying for the Air ticket which I purchased. I have requested HDFC to sort out the matter several times. But they are not ready to listen to my wail. They are pressurizing me to pay the dispute amount and making me mentally sick.
Now they have blocked my HDFC salary a/c and I cannot withdraw any money. As such I cant have Food and Medicine. HDFC is trying to rob me. Please help me out..

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