Very poor service by Europe Furniture

Location/place: Adambakkam

Name of company/service: Europe Furniture


I ordered 2 Cots ,a Steel Bureau & a Bed on 10.02.2013 with upfront cost. After several fighting calls finally they delivered on 23.02.2013 with out the Bolts for Cot, then I wait for another week to finish the installation of Cot. But My problem is when they delivered they damaged the side of Steel Bureau and they didn’t finish the electrical works in the cot. Up to now(16.04.2013) I am calling them to finish that painting work & electrical work but everyday they are saying that today 10 am,11 am,12 am and 3 pm(Because 1-2 pm is lunch) and 4 pm, 5 pm,7pm and finally again tomorrow morning 10 am.
Two weeks before that stupid manager suddenly said that electrical work is not their part and I have to look for that.I got shocked but I agreed because I have no choice.
But still I am fighting for Painting work. Two weeks before they said that they got the paint but they are looking for painter but last week they said that they have painter but they don’t have the correct paint. I don’t know what to do ? I feel like cheated.Then I called to the company Owner and He was bit rude and he never speaks like a Owner of a company.He said that he doesn’t have much time to speak with me and also he promised that If he hasn’t finished the work by
tomorrow(17.04.2013) he is going to leave Adambakkam permanently. I know that neither he is going to finish the work nor leaves adambakkam. I know that I am fighting for less than Rs. 500 work but I am not going to leave that. I am going to see a lawyer on Thursday and I will let you know the status. Please don’t buy from this cheaters, even if you pay more in other shops you will be happy with your decision .

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