Very poor service and product yet not delivered after 8 months

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: Micromax Mobile

I purchased a Micromax Q6 dual sim mobile phone on 1st January 2011.
Within 6 months of purchase it got some serious issues related to flap and dual sim mode(dual sim was not working).So I went to their service centre on 6th Aug 2011 at Jayanagar Bangalore.
1. They ask me to leave the mobile for 5 days to check whether it is reparable or not? I said ok and I left the mobile.
2. It is my second visit to the micromax service centre and then they ask me to leave the mobile as the service will be given on some cost. I said mobile is in warranty but they told flap in not under warranty cover. I said why it is not under warranty then they ask me to leave the mobile for next 10 days to check whether flap repair is under warranty or not?
3. After one more visit to their service centre they informed me that flap is under warranty and they will repair it and let me know when it is done and they will courier it to my address as I told them your service centre is too far from my place and have to spend around Rs. 400/- per visit for transportation.
After that I waited for 15 days I received no calls from their side and when I tried to call them they did not answer my calls.
4. They respond to my call after/around 30 days , they informed me that your mobile is repaired and you can collect from our service centre where you deposited (around 1st week of October)
5. I went there as they told me to collect my mobile I see everything got repaired but I found out my LCD is broken which was 100% in good condition when I deposit, They told me you gave it broken but it was not as it is not also mentioned in the receipt which they gave me. They talk to me very rudely and when I show my receipt and everything they confirm it and told me to leave my mobile again for some period of time and will inform me when it is got repaired and I request them again to send my mobile via courier as they promised me before .
6. After that after 2 weeks I made them call but they told me it is not yet repaired and then I contact to consumer care of micromax and I discuss all my problems and they assure me that I will get call and my mobile will get repaired asap but I did not get any calls or any information regarding the same .
7. Then I called again to consumer care of micromax in the month of December and they told me to collect your mobile from service centre its got repaired so I called to the service centre to confirm that it is been repaired or not but they hang on my call by saying its wrong number.
8. I updated a my same issue regarding my device to Micromax Facebook wall which is run by Micromax senior authorities they ensure me that they will contact me soon but I’m still waiting for the response and don’t know how long it will take.
9. Because of that issue I faced a lot of problems .. I miss my a lot of important calls and missed my interviews , also visiting them again n again cost me a lot trouble mentally , physically and financially and I had to leave my office to visit them was really a problem for me. In last I had to buy another mobile to carry on.

Details for my issue:-

IMEI No. 910058000788015 (Micromax Mobiles)
Model No. Q6
Date of Purchase : 1st Jan 2011.
Date of depositing my mobile to service centre : 6th Aug 2011.
Job Card No. 2417878.
Add. Of service centre : Sri Nivasa Mobile Care, 3rd Block Jayanagar.

Its been around 10 months but I still have faith in our system so hopefully my issue will get resolve asap.


Prateek Shukla
[email protected]
Bangalore Karnataka.

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