Very Poor after sale services

Location/place: Dehradun

Name of company/service: LLoyd

I have registered a complain on dated 22-05-2012 complaint no. LEEL 220512110877 of my split ac of LLOYD Make due to not proper cooling. the complaint was attended by the service engineer on 31-05-2012 and told that Gas is insufficient inside the compressor. the gas in the compressor was topped by service engineer on dated 04-06-2012 and paid amount Rs 2200.0 .Even after the filling of gas the situation persisted. The service center was again contacted and he again send the service engineer after repeated request on dated 08-06-2012 on which he persuaded saying that there is a voltage fluctuation problem/lover voltage problem/stabilizer problem but later on as there was no cooling at all the exact solution of the problem could not be made it was then settled with the solution of compressor being replaced. A complaint was again registered on dated 11-06-2012 complaint no. LEEL110612134931 and submit a copy of bill to service center. The complaint is not yet attended inspite of repeated calls and requests to service center/LLoyd officials. All this has caused a great disturbance to us in this burning summer and We REALLY REALLY REALLY REGRET BUYING LLOYD AC

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