Very delay work by Reliance Telecom

Hi Sir/Mam

I bought a Reliance Data Card on last Saturday(18-07-2015). I submitted there money and all documents required. Monday I got there data card. They said it will activate on Monday while money & documents submitting. Today almost gone Wednesday. Till not activated. What May I have to do? May I have to consumer court or somewhere to case against it.

Tuesday they call for data card RSN or something number. I sent it on whats app. 

Today I called them they said today will activate but they didn’t says what’s time exactly. Please do something.

If it will not activate today before 8 O’Clock I will go to consumer court. And I will never go in Reliance. This is my first time to join in Reliance Telecom.

My data card number id: 9313326288

My contact number is: 9958428949

The register with: Dheeraj Singh.


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