VerifiedKotak Mahindra Bank — kotak mahindra bank recovery agents harreshing me

I was taken 10 year before barclays credit card & I don’t think that there is any due payment that time, barclays credit card is closed now and agent told ki Kotak bank have aggrement to credit card recovery of barclays credit card bank credit card, now Kotak Mahindra bank recovery agents harreshing me for pending due with the mail & telephonic communication and harreshing me for civil court case, arrest warrant etc., I asked for statement but they told ki they are calling from court and statement is in your court with vakil they are not b able to provide now you just have to pay dues otherwise we will se you in civil court and issue arrest warrant now I don’t have the any detail of that credit card with me they send me credit card no but I don’t have that card with me I am in too much stress now pls guide me what to do .

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