VAS services are activated without my Concern

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: IDEA cellular

Name: Amith
Mobile Number: 9844995353
This mail is to inform you that one of the customer service agent of IDEA named Farook is adding VAS services to my number without my concern or request.
All this started on saturday night on 09June2012 after I had a conversation with him which did not go well. That does not mean that an agent can go ahead and add VAS services according to his wish just to take revenge on me. He or anyone from Idea has been activating all the possible VAS services to my number from Saturday till date which has cost me a lot of money and inconvenience. I have been calling almost everyday to get the services camcelled and get the refund. There are many services that has to be deactivated and the refund has to be provided. I want this to be stopped immediately as I do not require any VAS services. Orelse I would have to look on moving out of idea.I have to get a refund of INR 260 on my account and no more trouble has to be faced. I want to know only thing that is how can a customer service agent can be given so much authority to activate services on a customer’s account without his/her concern Please look in to it and resolve as soon as possible.

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