Variation in Grant of Disability Pension

Location/place: H.No 1757/17ACN St 7R HIRA BAG,JAGRAON-142026

Name of company/service: IHQ Min Of Def AGs Beanch Army(PC/SL/RO)

Major NS GILL (SL 03025X)PPO M/003862/2002 and PPO M/DIS/001563/2003. My pension revised from Rs 7327 to Rs. 16560 and disability pension of 30% being given based on min pension of Rs.14100 as given In Ser 3 Table 4 to Govt letter dat 15 Feb 2011 whereas it is to be calculated on my pension Rs.16560 which works out to Rs.2981 instead of Rs.2538.My letter to Mr AK Chopra, PCDA Pensions Allahabad dated 18 Jun 2012 gives full details. Please do the needful and issue fresh instructions to my bankers superseding P CDA Pension letter No G1/M/Miasc/VII/11 dated 16 Aug 2011.

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