Value added services charged without request

Location/place: 206, Tagore Road Hostel, near LNJP Hospital, new delhi, 02

Name of company/service: RCOM

Dear sir/madam
I had been using reliance prepaid telecom services, I changed it postpaid services in Nov/Dec 2011. And I have been charged with the Value added services of the above mentioned company without prior permission from me. Even I had made complaint to their representatives personaly and through the voice communication. However, i no response i have recieved from them. Even at the time of taking postpaid connection the sales representative had taken Rs.500 as security which is not returned to me, when I asked them to change my connection to prepaid and and when I do not pay the value added amount to them they stop my outgoing and make me forceful to pay them. I have kept all the bills and security receipt paid by me. Around 2000 have been paid by me in excess to them. which i want to be returned to me. Please do the justice in this case and oblige me

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  1. 9 years ago

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