Validity as per scheme not given

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: d2h

On 8th of july I recharged my subscription for Rs.5290 .00 against my Customer ID 71096775. The Recharge for Rs.5290/- was agreed and paid based on information given that this recharge is valid for one year plus two month free ie for 14 months for all channels including all HD channels . On recharge immediately a Dmail was received on TV Screen conforming top of Rs. 5290/-. However the validity was for one year only. On inquiry I was informed that it takes two days to update scheme. The next day ie on 10th july 12 I received a SMS from ID : TDVIDDTH informing that the next due date for recharge is 09-10-2013. Again on 11th july I received a SMS from ID:TDBBCL informing next due date as Aug,21, 2013. After several round of talking and complain finally your call center lodged complaint vide complaint no. 120441800 on 14th july with an assurance that matter will be resolved with 3-4 days.
I have till date not received any further communication on the matter. Please be intimated that on 8th july the scheme was for one year + 2 month free = 14 Months and the price was Rs. 5290/-. Accordingly the next due date for recharge should be 9th Sep, 2013.
Please correct the entries and send confirmation through D Mail and SMS to my Registered phone.

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