User Lien amount deduction


I have 2 Kotak accounts. One is Savings account and the other one is linked with the trading account. Since I wasn’t trading from sometime now, the other account was not having sufficient funds. Looks like due to this, the KOTAK bank deducted User Lien amount of Rs. 1100. I am shocked and surprised that how can they deduct the amount even without prior intimation. If there was some notification from Kotak bank letting the customer know that due to less usage or insufficient funds, there will be a certain charge deducted then I would have kept the account active and avoided this incident. Deducting this much amount without any prior notification nor informing about it leads to loss of trust and faith in a financial institution like this. Kotak is a reputed bank and as a customer I didn’t expected such unethical action from them. With immediate effect, I am going to stop/close the account and certainly not recommend it to my n/w. I hope for a better action from Kotak bank.

(C) 9881254983

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