Useless Idea services.

Location/place: Nashik

Name of company/service: Idea Cellular


Recently I faced a major issue with Idea cellular, well the problem began the day i decided to activate the GPRS service. The service sgot activated, I also requested settings for my Nokia C7. Believe me folks neither the settings worked on my cell nor the Idea Customer Care able to do anything with it. I made calls regarding the complains about the GPRS service not working, there were around 6 – 7 different Customer Care representatives that i talked to. I seriously felt i’m banging my head against wall, dumb peoples were not able to answer my queries. The only answer they give me is “Sir, we are installing services for you and after 4 hours from now just restart the phone and everything should work perfect”. I asked for reasons why should the phone get restarted after 4 hours, what difference will that make to the service that you are unable to activate on my number ??? The answer was sir it’s a technical thing that you will have to follow, come on man i’m not a dumb.
More over the CC guys also told me that sir you can write a mail to us at [email][email protected][/email]. These guys just take off the mails that are referring the complains regarding the Idea Services. Below is the mail thread that i written to these peoples.


Please take this on high priority.

Could you please refer to below mail chain and let me know how come you did not received the below mail which clearly states my problems with the GPRS service. In the same mail chain I have requested to close the GPRS service, since I’ve not used a single byte out of your GPRS service. I would also like to get the refund of any money that you have charged for this service on my cell number. I would like to repeat that none of your Customer Care Representatives were able to address my concern regarding the service and none of them stood by their words. They kept telling me that I’ll be getting the message after resolving some wired problem that the system was facing and nothing was communicated to me which is a bad experience from the customers point of view.

You will definitely get the situation that i went through by going through the below mail, and please take action accordingly.

One more point I just called the Customer Care, and to my surprise I came to know that the below mail was not shown in your system :(. Really hard to believe that the mail is shown as delivered to “[email protected]” in my send mails folder, which is not reflected in your system.

Finally could anybody give me update on what’s going on here and take care of the problems that I’m facing. I want the update as soon as possible also, please revert all the charges made to my account for the un-utilized GPRS service.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: विकास
Date: 2011/3/28
Subject: Re: Activate GPRS 199 Plan.
To: [email][email protected][/email]


To whom soever it may concern.

It’s being 3 days since I have raised below request to activate the GPRS service on my number 9822052560 and I have not been able to use the GPRS service on my mobile.
I would like to inform you that I’m no longer willing to use your stinky GPRS service which is not at all working on my new Nokia C7 handset.
I have called around 5-6 CC representatives of yours, non of them were able to give me satisfactory answers to my questions. Things kept annoying me a lot, all the time there was same response “We are reinstalling the service for you, kindly wait for 4 hours and then power off and power on your handset, the service will work”. But fortunately of unfortunately the service didn’t worked out till now. It was really annoying for me the service was not at all activated for me while my account will be charged for INR 199 for activation of the GPRS service since March 26th 2011. There is a lot to tell about the problems that i’m facing since March 26th 2011.

I want to make sure that you guys are not charging me for the activation of stupid GPRS service on my handset. I have not used a single byte out of your service, I’m expecting that my account should not be charged for this GPRS service for INR 199.
I’m a loyal customer of Idea since 2004-2005 roughly, and this incident has really taken away the trust that I had in Idea.

Conclusion:- Please DEACTIVATE the unactivated GPRS service on my cell # 9822052560, and make sure not to charge my account for unused GPRS service. Please try to give 100 % better services to your loyal customers who are paying you their hard earned money.

2011/3/26 विकास

I want to activate GPRS 199 plan on my cell # 9822052560.
I’m having Nokia C7 mobile phone, could you please activate the plan and send me the settings for Nokia C7 mobile ?

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