Useless Garbage Network

With deep dissatisfaction with airtel i want to say that airtel is not only india’s but worlds worst useless garbage telecom service. this company is fraud and moneysucker after tata docomo this is the india’s worst useless garbage network. they are luring us to pay for what they are not providing. they are taking money on the name of 4G and giving 1G network. got it… this is how airtel bastard private limited is luring us frauding with us with whole india. they are paying sackful of money to boycut girl for advertise there garbage fraud network as a india’s fastest network. I know airtel have told us by that boycut girl that if any other will provide more speed network then airtel. then airtel will provide 1 year 4G service and other service for free. I think JIO has broken airtel’s challenge because i get 20 to 60 kbps downloading speed in airtel bastard limited. 500mb files take 5 to 7 hours to download. but JIO gives 1.5 to 2 Mbps speed and I can download 500mb files under 4 to 6 minutes. so this proves airtel a india’s worst garbage network with sweet lies on there mouth so now they must provide 1 year all free service to all indian’s. or they must shut down there bastard service so we can port our existing airtel’s to other high speed network, or will switch to directly high speed telecom services. i request to my all indian’s to never ever switch to this bastard fraud limited company. invest your hard earned money carefully away from this bastards………..Airtel is just worst of worst.

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