USB netconnect cheat victim

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: airtel

Dear sir
I purchased an airtel netconnect dongle from an authorisedairtel store in malviya nagar Delhi. I paid everything in full and have every bill and paper handy. The representative gave me a user sim number and always gave a less package my first time recharge was for rs.750 the person was supposed to give me 4gb but gave only 2gb. After a months time that sim was not working and I wasn’t able to recharge it. I went back to airtel showroom and that person issued me another sim for the same dongle once again I paid 850rs for a new sim and the net package this time as a fault the representative gave 3 gb package as a loyalty bonus however for 750 rs he was to give me 4 gb and again ge never did so. Once again after a months time the new sim wasn’t working. The dongle was useless I got recharges done from other places and my money always got blocked no recharge no nothing. I have almost spent around 4000 rs on this as of now and when reached to the same airtel office and complaint they told will revert back in 24 hours its bin 14 days now and I haven’t heard anything from this. It is disgusting I am feeling helpless and cheated I want my complaint to be heard and taken action on the same. I have wasted my time , money and got nothing out of it. This is really not expected from an authorised store of a company like AIRTEL. I want my complaint to be reverted as quick as possible or else will have to tAke o
ther steps.
You cAn reach my on 9716136193 or 9650767497. I want a revert .
Thanking you
Yours faithfully

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