Urgent refund required from fraud company Canopus total services pvt ktd

I am from kolkata , i have given six files on September 2017 to november 2017 . After received a call from Ms Rekha , ready loan and half hearted process she has told. After sent fike they took processing fees and after call verification they took total amount of Rs. 3,95,000/- . Abd then they sent agreement with solvency wanted which was hidden from me at the time started, after conversation with Ms Yashika confirmed that govt guarantor with undertaking bond must required in the place 8f you can’t submit the solvency . Well all parties had arranged the sane and sane all formalities and given date 28 th march 2018 will disbursed where all parties submitted all docs within january 2018. And failed the date for disburse . Started drama which was running from the few months . Ms Yashija hobe out from scene cane Ms Ashtha and she was given some several times and failed two times . And next new drama had started by Mr Ankit rotating that he was ignorant about files . Suddenly a customers who wants big loan completed all he demands via email and conversation directly that 70000/- payment within 4 days disburse. And after taken the amount he was out if picture by said that he was in accident. Then new drama started by Ms Astha and Ms Yashika that party will cancelled files from financer previously then new financer will give loan via conversation with parties and sent mail for the same. Parties even sent the cancellation by affidavit . After that Janyuary 2019 once morning they told that Ms Yashika Ms Astha has expired by road accident and now will contact with Mr Rajib Singh Rathore . Unbelievable their dreama. When I was in Ajmer 30th Jan 2019 fir some other work Rajib Rathore told me he was not there nobody knew about my problem you will get refund within 15, February 2019 till today he is rotating that s for refund makes new issues . New style of drama. I have all oriif of payments n email. Voice recording. I want urgent refund for all parties. Want ministry of corporate affairs how can they gives the permission to fraud the needy people . Canopus officials and directors think that all are fools so make them fools and cheat the amount . If this company has not enough money to refund how could they takes money from needy people . Must have to enquiry by police, CID, CBI , and stopped them to makes people fool and cheated money . When required they introduced new name new staff to talk and make fool . All staffs are here doing cheat for company .

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