[Urgent]: Just Dial Limited has taken the payment of Rs 2530/- for Top Position of my Add but has not done so. Please send them a Notice for their negligence and irresponsibility.

Dear All,

I purchased an advertisement on 10/06/2016 from Just Dial by the name of “Pawan Game Zone” for one year for Top Position for my city Lucknow and on March 2017 I was asked to renew this add. The validity for my add should be till 09/06/2017 but they told me that the company collects the renewal amount 2-3 months ago so I made a payment for Rs 2530/- on 27/03/2017 for renewal of 3 months for Top Position for entire city but inspite making the payment, my add got lost from top position.

Before renewal the add was in position but after renewal I lost that position.

Just Dial team is irresponsible, effortless and negligence.

Just Dial sales executive Mr. Abhishek Pandey (Mb. 7398495212) and his senior Mr. Shashank (9711484834), who looks my Just Dial Contract, both committed me for the Top Position for next 3 months for entire city but they haven’t done so.

So, please send them a notice to either rectify their mistake and make the add to Top Position for 3 months for entire city or else revert my payment.

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