unwanted service activated on Airtel

Location/place: Mhow, MP

Name of company/service: Airtel


I am Subin Mathews and my mobile no is 9630199263. I received a message today on my mobile stating that the Airtel talkies service has been activated on my mobile no and a sum of Rs 30 has been deducted.
I had called the cust care to enquire abt this. The first time I called, he put me on hold for more than 5 mins and disconnected. The next time I called, the rep told me the service has been active since 18/10/2010.
Firstly, I did not activate this service nor was I aware of this service being active on my mobile and I had not received any msg regarding this all these months. This was the first time I received such a msg.
Secondly, this service was activated without my consent. I request you to kindly look into this matter. These kind of promotions are totally unwarranted and with Airtel being such a huge player in telecom sector it does show you in poor light. I am deeply hurt by your actions as this is not the first time this kind of problem is happening. I have been a long time customer of Airtel right from 2004 and I was not even aware that money was being deducted for more than 6 mnths now. This is just not acceptable.

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