unwanted bill of datacard # 9136967596

Location/place: DELHI

Name of company/service: MTS(data card)

This is to bring to your notice that I had purchased MTS pre-paid datanot card(9136967596).To convert it to postpaid datacard I was asked to give certain documents which I gave as desired.After sometime I got a bill of Rs,718/- when asked I was told that your prepaid datacard has been converted into postpaid datacard.Till that time,I had not used the postpaid datacard at all,as I was not aware of the conversion.I told the company to cancell the postpaid connection and I was told to pay the amount of Rs.718 to cancell the connection.I made the payment online.After 2 months,I am again getting a bill of Rs.895/- asking me to pay the outstanding amount at the nearest MTS location.
When my connection has already been cancelled and I have paid the previous dues why I am being asked to make the payment ?
Kindy resolve this as early as possible.

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