Unsatisfied Support or Wrong Behavior

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Evotech India Complaint Fraud

Hello Sir/Mam,
I am using a reseller web hosting service of evotech India (, but still there is no kind of technical help or support for me, from last day i m saying to reslove my problems but still there is no response like some day ago they changed their server before any notice or initimation and my blog , forums , post of my commercial websites and my personal website are lost and there is no backup, after that i m unable to creat blog , forums again on the same website and they are saying server is on maintainence,
they said that you can host 60 domains in ur panel here and now they are saying that our server is full you can’t host your domain and now only 20 domains r hosted there.

whenever i am trying to update any service any application there is always an error in server but they are not resloving this problem.
one of my official domain is expired on 13-6-12 and i got the notification before one day only and when i said to update it then they said that we don have funds in our account than instantly i transfer the fund into their account on 14-6-12 but still the website is not renewed till now and i m loosing my customer and my business which comes though my website now who will pay for this.?

i always keep patience with them but i did not get good support ever, they simply said move or switch to another hosting provider.
or i cn upload complaint images if some1 needs that.
so i request to evotech India to sort out my all problems otherwise i w’l go for an ligal action.

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