Location/place: KOLKATA

Name of company/service: SAMSUNG

I am using Samsung Galaxy S II, GT-19100. I was having a problem on the above mentioned mobile phone. The problem was whenever i was switching off my phone it was turning on automatically. I took it to the Samsung customer care center at Karuna Management Services Private Limited (Kolkata – (Greater Kolkata Area))
MERIDIAN PLAZA, PHASE II , 4TH FLOOR, 207 C R AVENUE, KOLKATA – 700 006. Please note that i was using Android 2.3.2 gingerbread. They just installed Android IceSandwich 4.0.3 and my problem was solved. This took only 1 hour. After 2 days I noticed that when i was playing music through my headphone, and when i turned on the 5.1 channel the sound was getting cracked. I took it to them again and they re-installed Icesandwich and gave it to me. The same problem happened. They said that they will observe the set. They called me again the next day and said that my set was ready to take away and when i went there and checked, the same problem. This went around for the next 5 days. They used to call me and say that my set was ready and when i go and check, the same problem arise. Next to add salt to this, they started blaming me that i was using a different headset. They tried with their own headset and found the same problem. This continued for about 2 and a half weeks. Finally they were kind enough to tell me that they have send the set to their Head Office or some sort of that for detail checking and if this time if the problem doesn’t solve, they will refund the amount or replace the set since i submitted the set within the warranty period. 3 weeks passed by. Finally i received the set and then the Manager or Incharge at the above mentioned customer service center told be to use it before him because according to him I cannot use the set properly. I used as he instructed but the same problem took place. Then they said that they are downgrading the software to Android 2.3.6 and then it worked properly. But i found that two people working over there are using the same mobile phone and are running Android 4.0.3 without any problem. When asked to replace my handset or diagnose the problem, they denied. I left with my set. Later Customer Representative contacted me for feedback and rating and i said my problem is still there but they did nothing. So the conclusion is I cannot Upgrade my Expensive Mobile Phone and moreover the harassment I faced during that period of time. I therefore request you to look into this matter at your earliest convenience.

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