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Location/place: Warangal AP

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Dear sir,
Let me give some briefing about the Order No, 4525808. This order was booked on 27th July 2012 through the Naaptol web site on COD basis.

Let me tell you I have been following and tracking my order from 28th July till August 10th.
During 28th to August 10th I had contacted Naaptol customer service department and sent many e-mails about the order. Lastly, loosing any ray of hope about the dispatch about the order, and feel that Naaptol not able to deliver and failed the committment of 8-10 days delivery as it was mentioned on 27th August 2012 Naaptol web site. I informed that from 10th August I will be not availble at my station. They assure me that the product will be delivered before 10th August.

On 3rd of August 2012 I had received an SMS from Naaptol stating that your order is ready for dispatch. from 3rd August till 10 August I have been asking for shipping details but instead of providing me shipping details Naaptol people answered only thing the “Aap the order Jaldi Mil Jayaga” –

For your information I had documented all my records and may produce on demand.

I have been reading many complaints from Naatol customers that Naaptol is delivering defective products to the customers.

I request the Naaptol to recall the dispatch as It has not reached yet.
Naaptol is insisting me to accept the shipment, whereas I already purchased the product in Hyderabad
Thanks and Regards,

Abdul Ghani
[email protected]

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