Unsatisfactory Customer Service (6th Times)/ registering the complaint with “THE TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA”9619932123

Location/place: Mumabai

Name of company/service: Vodafone

I Mrs. Pranita Manoj Chavan am writing this application as I am very unhappy with the kind of Customer Experience I had being associated with your Customer Care Representatives.I have gone through a lot of difficulties in just to change my corporate plan. This is the most pathetic & unsatisfactory customer service I ever had with any organization or company & I’m very disappointed & disheartened with the way I was & am being treated as a customer.

This is not first time that, I have come across such instant. Same experience I had on July 2013 and for the same I had mailed you on 13th July 2012 on [email protected] and [email protected]

We are using corporate plane. Both numbers are registered on my Husband’s name.

Name of Husband : Manoj Narayan Chavan
Mobile Number : 9619923123
Date of Birth : 4th Jan 1983
E-mail id : [email protected]

My Number : 9619932123
Name of User : Mrs. Pranita Manoj Chavan
Date of Birth : 14th Jan 1984
E-mail id : [email protected]

What I have gone through :

First we had called on 111 and had spoken with Mr. Sikandar Funnilal Nishad on 5th Dec’12. We have requested him to stop 299 plan and BBM as we wanted to opt for 99/- Rs internet plane for My Number : 9619932123. First he has informed to us that, this is plan is not there so you can go for 199/- wherein i will get Internet. After long discussion with my husband he has taken our request and told that “Being a esteem customer we will activate this plan with 48 hrs”.
We got SMS from “6789” for feedback @ 8:01pm on same day. Then @ 8:03 pm got another message from “111” stating that, “Thank you for using the Black Berry Service. Your service will be deactivated in the next 2 hrs” and then again @ 8:25 pm we got another message from “My Vodafone” Stating that, “your service registration number 1235305528 is registered on 5th Dec 12 @ 07:55 pm. We shall respond to your query by Friday 07-Dec-12 06:00 pm.

As usual we have not received any response from your end. Hence finally on Friday we had called and harassment history is as below;

Date : 7th Dec 2012
Toll Free : 111
First talked to Vijay @ 7:20pm. He has directly informed that, this is not possible and then started asking nonsense questions which was actually asked by Sikandar on 5th Dec’12. Most surprising question was “Which handset your using” because accordingly we have plan for Black Berry.
After long conversation he said not possible. Now let me tell you one thing I am using this number when i was having nokia handset. I was having Black berry that time for one month , I was using 199/- plane where i used to check mails and facebook. Then I activated BBM and stopped getting access of internet.
So my big question is ” When i used internet in 199/- long back then why don’t now”

Date : 7th Dec 2012
Toll Free : 111
Second time talked to Gautam @ 7:25 pm….As usual line was disconnected by him.

Date : 7th Dec 2012
Then we had called on 198 and talked to Mr. Mahesh @ 7:43 pm. We was giving same answer and then started asking nonsense questions which was actually asked by Sikandar on 5th Dec’12. Most surprising question was “Which handset ur using” because accordingly we have plan for Black Berry.
This was pathetic. Then I have asked him to transferred the line to Floor Supervisor and after kept me on Long Hold. Finally he has transferred the line to Mr. Shailesh. Now Shailesh was so straight forward. When I have told him that, you are making compulsion on me to 299/- or 599/- plan then I have no option I will have to change the service provider. He directly said “for partibility change we have another department”..I mean “this what I should i except from Vodafone”.
Then call transferred to Mr. Rajesh (Reporting Manager)…gave me same answer. I think they all have least bother about customer.

This is really pathetic. I have not forced you to promise me. Your executive Mr. Sikandar Funnilal Nishad has promised us. If he doesn’t know about product then why he has promised us..????

When you are sending me deactivation message for by Blackberry then from where is the question coming that “Which handset I am using”…????

When I am paying my bill on time and using Vodafone since Long..Is this what I should expect from my service provider….????

Your supervisors and agents are not trained on product-process and soft skill…Then why they are taking calls…???

You can not make any compulsion on customer to select any plan. All my friend those who are using Vodafone (Post Paid) and having What’s App are using 199/- and they are Just paying 30 Rs/- extra…then what is my mistake and why i am not getting this plan. Why we should suffer every time and should sent mail.

What do you think that we don’t have any work or what.

This is a limit. Finally i am registering the complaint with “THE TELECOM REGULATORY AUTHORITY OF INDIA”. Hard copy will be sent to you shortly.

I want internet plan should we activated on my Black Berry Handset ( 99/- or 199/-) as soon as possible. Right now I do not have access to internet. I am unable to use and access my mail.
Before activating the same I want call from Ms. Vaz or Ms. Mundkar.

I have not singed any agreement and proposal form with Vodafone. So you Can not force me for the same.

I am very disappointed with the kind of Customer Service I had. I WANT SOMEBODY TO CALL ME TO DISCUSS THE ISSUES AND PROVIDE ME SOME RESOLUTION.

Hope to receive a timely and proper response from your side.

Dear Trai Team,

Please go through the above mail. Please intervene me as we have gone through so much of pain.
Expecting an Immediate Response & Hoping for a Resolution.

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