Unprofessionalism by HDFC Franchisee

Location/place: NEw Delhi

Name of company/service: HDFC Bank Ltd

I applied for the Used Car Loan from HDFC and the same was disbursed for Rs 2,60,000/- on 11th May’12 via Loan No# 2137972.

With a monthly EMI of Rs 7170/- I was suppose to pay my first EMI from 7th Jun’12 which was not debited from my bank (ICICI) although I have maintained sufficient balance for it in my account.
Later on i got to know that same was debited from my HDFC A/c which got bounced and i had to pay bounce charges and also HDFC debited in total Rs 1988 against Rs 7170 from my account.

Also from my loan RS 2500/- was deducted on a/c of RC transfer and was told it would be done in 2 weeks. Today it has been more than a month and I still have not received my RC. The agent (HDFC Franchisee office) is constantly giving me assurance on 1 0r 2 days since than but the same problems continues. The head of the franchisee office is constantly avoiding my calls and disconnecting if contacted from other number.

I have been using the HDFC Credit Card with high value transactions and average monthly expenditure of more than 15000/ a month which I wish to discontinue with the standard of services provided by HDFC Bank. Also I was paying a monthly EMI of Rs 4466 for a personal loan from HDFC only (Loan No#18588553) for more than 13 months. With only 5 installments remaining I have not made a single default in the payment of loan as well as the Credit Card which I have been using for almost 2 years.

With the delay in transfer of RC on my name I was unable to convert my car into CNG fitted and paid heavily on my Petrol Bills which I am sure HDFC won’t be reimbursing me.

I regret to say that I decided to discontinue my relations with HDFC with regard to Credit Card( already paid the outstanding amount), My saving bank account and failure to receive any apology from HDFC in person I will forward this on RBI portal to inform them about the kind of standard HDFC franchisees hold with zero professionalism.

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