Unnecessary Debited amount and misleading customers

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I had taken master card from hdfc with the number 5522 60XX XXXX 3054 in May 2018. The statement generates every 15th of the month. I ,usually, pay the full outstanding amount in the days between 15 and 30 of every month.

Interestingly, this credit card is tied up with my saving account in HFDC. Lately, I realised that despite paying the total outstanding amount and keeping no dues , my saving account ending with 1226 has been charged with “min balance due”. This happened recursively for last 4 months starting May, June, July and Aug 2018. Neither did I went for auto debit facility nor did the credit card department could explain me why this had been activated. They gave me e-mail reference no : 18216871242. Even they didn’t fix the issue and shun it away like I was meant to bullied. Also, I had to take pain by calling HDFC bank to deactivate auto debit facility.

I have banked with HDFC since a decade. I never had to complaint and possibly , it is also the reason that I stayed so long.Despite asking for fixing unnecessary debits, the customer care service didn’t address the complaint seriously.

Due to “without concern” auto debit facility , I have lost 2k approx. in Indian rupees till date. As because I wasn’t careful for necessary transaction line items in my statement, also doesn’t mean that you and your bank can charge me unnecessarily without my knowledge.

Kindly show the proper reason how this “auto-debit” facility activated and please reimburse the debited amount along with proper interest because the amount debited was from the saving account. As you know the unsettled amount can’t get paid twice by customer i.e., once due to auto debit and another due to initiating self payment.

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