Unnecessary billing of shopping carry bag

I have purchased few products from big Bazar. They were asking if I need any carry bag while billing my items. I said no. I already have one.
Suddenly the person at billing counter has issued one carry bag unnecessarily. I told him several times that you cancel it. He has forcefully given it. Then he has started misbehaving. I am attaching the bill with this.
It’s not about only 3 rupees carry bag. It’s about admitting the fault. It may happen that big Bazar is insisting to sell carry bags to every customers. These days it can be noticed in all retail shops that they are selling plenty of shopping bags. Per day they are earning a lot by selling only carry bags.
I will be very happy if you take any action against carry bag selling from not only big Bazar. From any other ratail shops also.
I will be even happy if you take some action agaist big Bazar LB nagar branch. They should train their employees to learn how to behave with customers. If any item is wrongly billed, there shoybe provision to correct this immediately.

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