Unknown transaction of Rs.10,000 was debited from my account from PNB ATM, Saket, New Delhi

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: PNB

I am Joyati Biswas, I have an account holder of UBI bank (soami nagar, new delhi).Ac/No. 080010568775
This is to inform you that on 14/6/2012 I had withdrawn amount of Rs. 500/- from your PNB ATM ( ATM ID -N2486700) BLOCK J-211, OPPOSITE KHOKA MKT, SAKET NEW DELHI Circle : SOUTH DELHI Pin code : 110017, at 20:15:04 and balance was notified to me via slip and sms Rs. 24,890/-.

But to my surprise I received another sms just after 50 sec notifying that Rs. 10,000/- has been debited from my account and now balance was Rs. 14,890/- as on 14.6.2012 at 20:15:55 instead of Rs. 24,890.

I already visited PNB , OPPOSITE KHOKA MKT, SAKET bank but to my disappoint there was no cooperation from bank officers, they said same case already happen with another 4 people, we don’t know what is going on. I went my UBI bank also, submitted all the slip and application.

I sent mail to [email protected], [email protected],[email protected]

I hope you people understand my condition and help me in my dilemma.

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