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Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and Finally, We have received a call from your side from your no. 1246749094 at 15.26 p.m on 14/06/2012 showing the inability to help in this matter as problem is of maximum output and not of defect or damaged and hence product can not be replaced or return. The same also is not covered under the return policy of the company as the parcel is opened.

We would like to inform your good self that company has cheated us as there is no mention of camera resolution in Product Specification on the website of the company and also there is no review or videos of the product available. Company has hide the material information of Resolution of Camera Intentionally and thus by misrepresenting the matter, induced us to enter in to purchase contract.

For your reference, attached herewith copy of the web page whereby the camera resolution is not available.

In this regard we have already communicated in our earlier Email that the above poor quality of Camera and Speaker is only known if the parcel opened and product is used and since we have purchased the same though online shopping, bonafide and genuine buyer can trust on product quality of standard company only. Defect or poor quality if any in the product can be experienced only when the Parcel is unpacked and opened.

We tried to persuade the matter that In online shopping, poor quality of the Product or Deficiency of the product can be known only when the product is used. But our all efforts were in vein.

Also Tradus company and seller tries to impose forcefully on us “GOODS ONCE SOLD WILL NOT BE RETURNED” policy without explicitly mentioned on the Invoice or on the company’s website. Since the Quality of the product is weak, customer has right under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 to redress the product.

Regarding your argument that the company is the portal whereby seller and buyer meet and make a contract and company assumes no responsibility of the product, is vague argument and it seems that company want to escape from the liability. We have made the payments to Tradus company and not in the seller’s account. Only through the Tradus company, we come to know about the seller. So, the company’s argument is baseless.

Considering, all the above said and also the earlier E Mail Communication in this regard, the above case grossly falls in to the category of CHEATING AND MISREPRESENTATION OF THE PRODUCT, POOR – SUBSTANDARD QUALITY DELIVERED AND IMPOSING FORCEFULLY “GOODS ONCE SOLD WILL NOT BE RETURNED” policy.

If the company does not take back the product or arrange to take back the product within 7 days, we are forced to go legal in this regard at the cost and responsibility of the company.

This is for your information, reference and for further action.


Viral P. Marfatia
92279 02399
88666 31000

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