Unfair practice adopted to sell policy & forged signature on policy documents

Location/place: P-521, Sector-21, Noida, UP

Name of company/service: IDBI Federal/ Forged signature on policy document

I was sold IDBI Federal Wealthassurance Policy no 4000254347 by sales manager from their Noida branch office on 3Nov’10 on the false assurance. Upon receipt of policy documents I came to realize that I have been cheated as nothing was given what I was assured. At the time of selling policy the sales manager took my signature only on 5pages of proposal form and didn’t show or take signature on the illustration sheets which contains details of deductions. I found that on last 4 pages of policy doc my sinatures were forged by their resp office.I cancelled the policy & my money was refunded after 2months,deducting the stamp duty

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