Unfair ISD charges

The below has been raised several times at customer care but no response and it is just poor handling service at customer care. Now I am being harassed to pay else stop outgoing calls.

Raised complaint PO112600046 on 26th Nov 2017 which nobody resolved.

Being charged for ISD services during my travel to Italy. Before travel, I received call from airtel care for ISD which i refused. When reached Italy on my 1st day I noticed ISD is active. Raised complaint PO102500326 on 25th Oct 2017 to deactivate but nothing happened. I had no means to switch off mobile as had matrix card on other sim slot and sim slot could not be opened (needed pin for the same).

Now I am being charged 6 day ISD service. Have been loyal to airtel (mobile and broadband). But now being cornered to pay for these irrelevant service charges.

Airtel has messaged that if amount not cleared then outgoing call will be deactivated in 2 days. Even if you force me to pay this unfair charge, I am surely taking number portability.


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