Unfair Deductions & Poor Service

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: AIRCEL

Rs. 150(99 + 49) have been deducted from my AIRCEL sim. I had called the customer service no. (198) & they disconnected the call about 5-6 times. Finally I had to call from some other Aircel number to even book a complaint.They said I’ve been subscribed for some games which I know not. I haven’t downloaded or subscribed anything from any chargable sites.

I got a message that the complaint was resolved but the MONEY was NOT REFUNDED.When I called back to the customer service they didn’t respond.

Kindly let me know the procedure to file a complaint against AIRCEL as this has happened once before & as an aware citizen I’m not going to let my money be deducted for no reason.

Nitya Das P

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