Location/place: VADODARA

Name of company/service: SHRADDHA MOTORS PVT. LTD., BHARUCH

I had booked a car (FIAT LINEA EMOTION DIESEL 2012 TUSCAN WINE COLOR) with representatives of Shraddha Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bharuch and paid an amount of Rs. 1 lakh as booking amount on 24th June’2012. Representative of said dealer at Vadodara (viz. Mr. Mayur Thakkar, Mob.- 9173067170 & Mr. Dhawal, Mob:- 9824027277) asked for a higher initial booking amount for providing a price protection assurance till the delivery, i.e they agreed for
on road price of Rs. 10.15 Lakh(with free accessories of Mud Flaps, Foot Mats, Car Cover & 3M coating/ polishing) for Fiat Linea Diesel Tuscan Wine – 2012 shall be maintained irrespective of time of delivery, i.e. even if price or tax increases before delivery, the same price shall be maintained.

On 04th July’2012, vide e-mail; they also informed me regarding chasis no. of my car (MCA110C1B09030470CLZI). After calling up the said people for no. of times it was informed by them that my car has arrived at Sharddha Motors, Bharuch and shall be ready for delivery at Vadodara on 12th July’2012 as per agreed terms. At that time they never told me for taking delivery at Sharddha Motors, Bharuch or physical inspection of the car before the said car leaves Bharuch and rather informed me that after completion of pre-dispatch inspection at Sharddha Motors, Bharuch, my car shall be sent to Vadodara for delivery to me.

On 12th July’2012, I along with my family with great enthusiasm & cheers went to local delivery point of Shraddha Motors Pvt. Ltd., Bharuch (i.e at TATA motors service workshop at Keya Motors, Channi, Vadodara) for taking delivery of the car, but after seeing the car meant for delivery to us, it was shocking. Car was having visible scratches on the rear left door, on the boot space cover, on the bonnet. Car was not properly cleaned and was having traces of earth inside the boot space also and black patch also observed inside car on the roof (Rear right side). Seeing the condition of car, we refused to take delivery of the car but the said representatives insisted upon us repeatedly saying the scratches can be removed and they started to clean the car. We left the place because after paying more than Rs. 10 Lakhs we were definitely not interested to take a car with scratches.

Subsequent to the said event they never bothered to call us and rather we called up the Sharaddha Motors people (Mr. Jatin C Bhanushali, Mob: – 9909021844 & Mr. Shoaib, Mob: – 9099985407) no. of times requesting them to provide me another new vehicle or else refund my booking amount. Shraddha Motors people (Mr. Shoaib) told me that after polishing, all scratches have been removed and request me check the vehicle. In reply I told him that by polishing no scratch can be removed and without application of paint it is not possible and I am not going to take delivery of a car which has already been re-painted before taking delivery. Mr. Diptesh Jain of Tata Motors also spoke with me very badly as he was sitting with Mr. Shoib on 14th July’2012 when I called up Mr. Shoaib and even told me that they could have delivered the vehicle with the scratch condition citing the reason that they have received the vehicle in the said condition from the factory and even said that booking cannot be cancelled at this stage as they have already billed the vehicle in my name and also made the insurance. In reply I said that it is not my fault that they have billed it in my name or made insurance payment and for somebody else’s fault I am not going to suffer and I insisted for a replacement vehicle which they did not agree till date.

In view of the deliberations above, I am seeking the help of this forum for providing me a brand new FIAT LINEA EMOTION DIESEL 2012 TUSCAN WINE COLOR with different chasis no. or else refund my booking amount of Rs. 1 lakh at the earliest. I also seek a compensation of Rs. 1 lakh towards the mental trauma & time spent on these undesired & uncalled for events in either of the cases.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

(Mukta Das)
Address: – Flat no. 103, Onyx, Opp. Haveli, B.P.C Road, Akota, Vadodara – 390020, Gujarat, India.
Mobile: – 9009265646 / 9662526294 / 9425925577
E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]

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