Unfair Balance Deduction

Location/place: Madhubani, BIHAR

Name of company/service: AIRCEL Bihar

My Aircel Bihar number is 9504669238.
Rs 30 was deducted from this account on 16th july for some “Friends Zone” service.
I dont know what this service does and how it was activated.
I called Aircel CC and they refused to lodge a complaint for this and disconnected my call 3-4 times.Employee ID of one of the representatives is 938667.
Please, deactivate this service and refund my balance ASAP.
CC guys said that it was activated via a call but I strongly disagree.
I never pressed any button.I disconnect any company call immediately.
These mobile companies are making lot of money by these unfair deductions.Please setup a thorough enquiry into this and take proper action otherwise I will take this case to higher levels.
Amount may be small but I want to show these companies that We, Citizens of India are not going to sit passive.

Diwakar Kumar,
Contact number: +91-9741885837
Accenture Bangalore

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