Unexpected deductions from main balance of Reliance CDMA phone

Location/place: Noida

Name of company/service: Reliance Telecom


This is to inform you that I recharged my reliance CDMA mobile number 7428571896 on 5th July 2012 with Rs 799/-. As per this recharge my cellphone number should be entitled to 10000 free rel to rel STD and Local minutes and 30 min/day of calling on any other network.
Now reliance is deducting my main balance at the rate of 10 paise/minute.
I logged a complaint#182646216 for above mentioned issue.

At last I got an answer from reliance, stating that I recharged my cellphone with Rs 35/- on 20th June which entitles my cellphone number to talk to any Reliance STD number at the rate of 10 paise/ Minute, and that was the reason why my balance was getting deducted.

My complaint is-

1. If the recharge of Rs 35 couldn’t be overwritten by the recharge of Rs 799, then why was I allowed to recharge my cell phone from Reliance Website. I should have been shown a message by the reliance website that I can’t recharge, or the effect of 799 recharge will take place when the effect of recharge of 35 gets over.

This might be a defect in the software of Reliance of it is deliberately done by reliance so that they could fetch money from the customers and make their customers plead infront of them to get the services which they have paid for.

Please look into the issue ASAP and contact me in case you seek any other information from my end.

Nitin Dubey
[email protected]

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