Unethically charged interest

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This is regarding Flipkart Order ID OD113850304311138000 for the product VU Android 55 Inches TV that was ordered on 8th of November .This is to inform you that I had ordered the TV on 8th Nov, and immediately cancelled the product within 5 MIns gap as i found some more suitable product from the same Portal Flipkart and went for it .In this product which was cancelled , i had opted for debit Card EMI from HDFC bank as I had the HDFC platinum debit card. Since it was an EMI that was Opted by me , Flipkart took 15 days to start the refund process as per their Rules , and they claimed the refund was already initiated on 23rd of November .I also regularly followed them up as by that time i already received an alert from the concerned Bank that the EMI will be collected on 5th of December .After following several times , i came to know that the refund was already credited by 3rd of December .Once the refund was received by the bank as confirmed on 3rd of December, also promised by them that the complained of not starting the EMI , they closed the complaint without any reason and now i can see that they have begun collecting an interest component of 619.19 Rs from my HDFC account on jan 5th for no reason .I would there fore raise this concerned to the HDFC people to check and revert the amount taken from my account unethically and close this issue that was raised for no reason or no mistake from any party .

An early response to this issue will be highly appreciated .I can be contacted back on 9880578597 number .

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