Unethical Practices and Fraud

Being frustrated with Airtel is an understatement. I have worked in the Government in the past and I am very surprised that the Government isn’t taking stricter action against a company which has amongst the highest consumer complaints in the country. I sincerely believe that just law and order is the bedrock of any society. Widespread malpractice by Airtel suggests a systemic deep rotten malaise. My correspondence regarding the below mentioned complaints have been recorded (with the permission of Airtel representatives). I realize major companies might feel they are invincible with power and influence running across branches, I will continue to fight against fraud.

Many days after changing my (land line number number 03340082154) broadband plan (i.e – reducing the plan rental) I have not received a written notification of the same (neither in form of email or SMS).

After two Airtel (India) customer representatives have verbally assured me over a telephonic conversation over the Airtel customer care service that the plan has been changed (reduced to the earlier plan) and is reflecting in the Airtel internal systems. Upon further asking, when I would receive an email notification for the change of plan, I was first told by a Airtel customer representative within 24 hours, which I was later told by another representative would be a maximum of 72 hours post placing the request. They assured me that even though the plan has been changed (reduced), the email will be sent shortly. Both the maximum timelines have not been met. This incident of Airtel (India), not honoring the commitment given and / not keeping up with the basic norm of notifying a customer through a written medium is atrocious. This is the second incident our account has faced in a short duration, where only this month it was pointed out to Airtel and admitted by Airtel representatives that we had been charged extra amount without any basis by Airtel.

Even after many days till now i haven’t received any written notification for the details of the change of plan neither can I see the appropriate reductions being made on my bill.

Once again, I emphasize that my correspondence with Airtel is recorded at my end. The land line number number is 03340082154 and the registered email id is [email protected] I will be following up this complaint by posting my experiences in various platforms, paid and unpaid, to reach the broadest possible network. Post which i will be exploring options on taking complaints up with support of different organizations.

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