Unethical Medical practices

Location/place: B-5/24 Safderjung Enclave

Name of company/service: Centre for Sight

Sub: Unethical Medical practices


Let me introduce myself, I am Yash D. Trehan, husband of Rekha Trehan, & resident of Delhi, residing in the above mentioned place

I submit that, I and my wife Mrs.Rekha Trehan visited your esteemed hospital on 29/9/2011at 12 noon for a routine eye test.

I submit that in one of the eye tests, Rekha was examined by a person wearing blue color coat. His name was Hari, as told by a senior, supervising the staff over there. Other technicians were wearing white coat. On asking about the difference, I was told by the supervisor that “they were the same”. “Both wearing Blue & white color coats were the staff members”.
I submit that I was not convinced with the answer. Hence, I approached the Superintendent Ms.Mohita. I questioned about one Mr.Hari who was testing eyes of my wife. Ms.Mohita conveyed that Mr.Hari was suitably trained to carry on the medical investigations/tests. I had asked for the training record of Mr.Hari but was told to wait for 10-15 minutes. Ms.Mohita took down my telephone number.

I submit that, Ms.Mohita, did call me & had conveyed that the training record was not traceable then. Hence, she took my mailing address over the phone. Ms.Mohita assured me that I shall receive the training record/certificate of Mr.Hari to prove that he was competent to attend the patients, in 3-4 days

To my dismay, I have not received any answer from your Medical Centre till date. This is highly against medical code of conduct and ethics. I now have serious doubt as to whether your centre is genuinely carrying out medical profession by suitable and adequately trained personnel in the relevant medical field. I am contemplating to initiate appropriate action if I do not receive any proper notification / clarification as sought above.

I am also surprised to note that you have been certified for Quality Management System, ISO 9001 : 2008 by TUV Rheinand Bangalore. Your centre has miserably failed in meeting the customer’s requirement, i.e. the requirement sought by me. This amounts to a non-conformity and violation of the Standards laid down in ISO 9001 : 2008.

I call upon your centre, to satisfy and render the requisite information / documents as mentioned supra at the earliest. I and my wife are ready and willing to depose for enquiry / investigation if any ordered by your Centre / the authorities. I am available at my telephone # 956 037 5398

Thanking you


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