Location/place: HYDERABAD

Name of company/service: SPICEJET AIRLINES

I had a Spicejet flight from Hyderabad to Vishakapatnam today morning at 10:35 Hrs. At 6:16 Hrs in the morning I get a message that flight in cancelled and inconvenience is regretted. I called the customer care where they informed that cancellation is due to operational issue!!

I demand an explanation on ‘operational issue’ as I tend to believe that inadequate occupancy would have led to cancellation as such airlines are only focussed on their profits and not customers’ need. Customers are taken for granted due to lack of strong law against such unethical business practices.

I had an important meeting at Vizag where other colleagues are also coming from various locations. My supervisor is flying all the way from Mumbai to attend this meet which is suppose to be hosted by me. This abrupt cancellation has caused great damage to my repuation with peers and supervisor and may also dent my career in the organization. The airline did not even help me get a seat in other airlines because its not their responsibility. But who is responsible for this loss, harrassment and mental agony???

I demand adequate compensation for the harrassment and reputational risk that I am subjected to due to the airline and also demand apology from top management on such lapses so that customers are not taken for granted and airlines understand their duties and responsibilities towards customers.

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