Unethical broadbad disconnection and fradulant bill

Location/place: Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi

Name of company/service: TATA Photon

MY Tata Photon No 09266661908
Account no 912064697

I am not able to use my broadband connect since 4-5th Jun12. When I contacted customer service I was told that the connection has been disconnected since I have exceed the usage beyond my credit limit and asked me to pay the the bill (which has not even been generated as my billing cycle falls on 13th of every month). Inspite me requesting the customer care representative that I am committed to pay what i use and reinstate my connection, they did not continue my connection. Now I find this very unethical as-
a) How can a company ask me to pay a bill which has not generated at all
b) why did they disconnected my connection without any intimation to me? Did they get my confirmation to disconnect the connection.
c)When I am committed to pay bill once I get it, why they did not activated my account.
d) Another example of cheating that now I have received a bill of 2,169/-. My connection got disconnected by TATA Photon by 5- 6 th June12 and post that I was not able to use it and DID NOT USE IT. at that point I was told my consumption is of Rs 1200-1300 (above credit limit of rs 800) hence it has been disconnected. If I have not used it afterward HOW COMME THE BILL/ USAGE HAVE MOVED FROM Rs 1200 to Rs 2169/- without me using it??

Kindly help me to manage this unethical practice and cheating by Telcome companies. I want a strict action to be taken to avoid such harasments to consumers.

Look forward to your support to sort out this matter.


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