Unessary billing on disconnected account

Location/place: India

Name of company/service: Aon Hewitt


I have tried reaching you so many times, but have not received any resonse yet so i have to raise this complaint .

Please find below my letter written to Airtel people :

Hi ,

This is Anu and i have been associated with airtel for almost 8 years now and have been loyal customer.

However , my last few experiences with airtel have not been pleasant and which has compelled me to drop such a mail to your department.

Some time in April i had raised a complaint with airtel for slow speed of the broadband connection ( Account number : 16637952)

post that a mechanic from airtel (Deepak ) came down to address the complain and advised me to get a new connection installed so that this issue gets resolved.

As per his advise i asked him to do what was the best option available and he started the proceedings of new installation.

He suggested me to pay all my pending bills of account number (16637952) so that the new connection gets installed and hence i have no problems in process.

During those days your airtel billing counter was closed due to some technical reasons and i could not make payments and so asked him if he had an alternative.

The connection being an dsl connection i cud not pay the bill on line or at any other counter.

Deepak made me talk to a airtel executive and the executive suggested me to pay the amount to Deepak so that he gets a cheque issued on same and the process does not gets hampered.

Trusting your employee i gave him the amount, and when i asked for the receipt he said the engineer who will come for installation will give that.

When the engineer cam in, he told some other story and didn’t give me the bill again. allthogh he confirmed my pending details form customer care in front of me me and at that time the due was only for one month. ( somewhere around 1000 bucks).

Assuming i have paid all my dues i continued with my new connection, and started with my new billing .

After a few days i received a call from your collections depart ment regaring pending amount something like 2000 bucks.

I made it very clear to him that please stop my billing on this account as my billing has started for other acount also.

He said i need to clear my dues first, so asked him to send and execuitves and i would clear the dues but pay on 1050 which was my pending amount .

I didn;t get any call post that . and a few days before i received 2 bills at my place. 1 for old connection : 3464Rs. and one for new : 563 Rs..

This is really depressing that even after telling very clearly the thisngs to the representaitives. This thing came up.

I really don’t have so much money to pay your team and that to for no reasons.

I called airtel almosy 20 times in last week and eevry time tym i got to hear the server is down.

The problem is in your team. why should a regular customer pay for it.

I would like you to look into the matter and get the things sorted.

And to notify you this is not for the first time this happening to me . The same thing happened to my cousin also and he had to escalate it to consumer court.

Please try and understand your engineers are trying to make out of fooling your customers which is not a good sign for Airtel as brand.

For reference please have a note of the number of the engineer who was involved in this incident : 9990118219.

I have tried reaching out this guy also many a times, but everythime he cuts down my phone and does not respond back.

Please do the needfuk.


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