Uneccessary Charges

Location/place: Chandigarh

Name of company/service: Fiat/Joshi Auto Zone

I went to Joshi Auto Zone for warranty repair for my clutch and door latches in may , my normal two years warranty was up till 3rd June 2012, they temporarily fixed my clutch and told that one of the door latches were not available, when i called them after few days they gave me appointment for 7th June, I told the lady that this date is beyond my warranty date, I called her on 1st of June, She said that’s OK as the issue has been reported within warranty time, when I went to service station they replaced the door latch but still didn’t fix the clutch, and told me to pay the charges for the latch. When i refused as I reported the issue within warranty time they did not deliver me the car. I told them that I also have Extended warranty they told me that this issue is not covered under extended warranty whereas it is nowhere mentioned in the warranty book. I also paid for the glow plugs which were covered under warranty as per the book in December.
I want Replacement of the parts within warranty , refund of charges which I paid in December 2011 for glow plugs.

My Car registration Number is
CH01AD 1847
My mobile num is 9915891700

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